I love new challenges and the opportunity to experiment with new software tools. All you need is someone with the skills and initiative to find a solution that works.

Project Simplify field sales support for multiple lines of Imation B2B data storage products.

Challenge There is no centralized source of information for all product lines.

Solution I developed an interactive PDF that can be downloaded to any portable tablet and functions much like an app. It gives sales reps in the field the solution sheets, videos and other presentation materials they need at the tap of a finger. The PDF can be easily updated with all kinds of content and can also be edited to create specific versions for each branch of the organization. 

Project Imation LINK products were designed to provide back up storage and power. All of the products were designed to align with the LINK App, which allows you to connect with any of the products and easily save or share photos or video with social media or via email. 

Project Yes these are my actual scribbles during a UX/UI brainstorm session. TDK Life on Record wanted to design an app that would allow increased interaction with their brand and products after purchasing one of their speakers. The result was an app that allowed you to make a virtual "mixed tape" and share the music tracks with your friends via social media. I lead a bunch of these brainstorm sessions in order to come up with all of the features and plan out the UX for the functionality of the app.  

Project Nexsan needed an interactive whitepaper to be available on their website to highlight their Digital Video Surveillance security storage. This interactive PDF was also used as an Ebook on their website and was used in email blasts.


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