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Hi, I'm Nissa.

Owner, Creative Director

I am a Minnesota-based designer who crafts award winning design solutions for entrepreneurs + businesses like yours. I use my visual design skills and passion for solving challenges to communicate complex ideas in effective ways while utilizing thoughtful principles of design, typography and color.

My background includes 15+ years in agencies + managing a global full service corporate team before launching my own business in 2016. I design to communicate with your target audience and reach them in the best places for your brand's ideal presence. I love technology and am constantly pushing myself to learn new skills + techniques to stay up to date and provide beautiful work for my clients, no matter where their goals, vision and passion are taking them.

When I am not obsessing over the details in my work I am practicing yoga, cooking, reading, or traveling with my husband and two young sons.

Letโ€™s reach your design goals together.


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